Specialized sports methodology and software solutions for peak performance

Innovating sports through software development

Explore the essence of Innovative Sport Science, where we specialize in software development for the sport industry. Our solutions encompass fitness testing and training, offering a range of specialized applications for mental, health, and hockey-related aspects. Beyond software, we provide operational support and serve as a methodological entity, offering software assignments, educational support, and the implementation of cutting-edge methodologies. Join us as we revolutionize sports preparation with a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions.


To create a progressive and standardized solution for the individual development of the athlete (ice hockey player) - emphasizing the distinctive progression of the player's individual development.


To assist teams and organizations in the modernization of their standards in sports with an innovative hub, which uses a clear definition of individual skills and measurement of their progress.

Driving innovation in sports software

Explore the landscape of our sports technology initiatives, centered around ongoing developments in software. Our current areas of focus include:

Fitness Testing and Training

Our high-end software designed for precise assessments and targeted training regimens. Our commitment is to bring the ongoing evolution as we work to reimagine the field of fitness testing and training solutions.

Specialized Solutions

Our existing solution covers aspects such as mental preparation, health limitations, specialized tools for hockey, and various other components. With a focus on ongoing improvement, our objective is to consistently enhance and offer comprehensive solutions that align seamlessly with the ever-evolving needs of athletes.

Operational and Methodological Support

We offer operational support and function as a methodological entity, actively engaging in software assignments, providing educational support, and implementing methodologies to elevate athletes' development to new heights.

Become part of sports innovations, where continuous improvement is the standard practice. We are dedicated to the ongoing development of sports technology and committed to delivering more sophisticated and comprehensive solutions in the near future.

Our goals: forging the future of athlete preparation

In pursuit of our mission, Innovative Sport Science (ISS) has outlined clear objectives to shape the future of athlete development and sports technology. Our primary goals include:

  1. Uniqueness and preference. To emerge as the unparalleled and consistently preferred solution provider for both individual athletes and team development.
  2. Aggregator hub for athlete preparation. To establish an aggregator hub, creating a comprehensive platform for complete individual athlete preparation.
  3. Integration into training structures. To seamlessly integrate our solutions into existing training structures, ensuring a harmonious blend with established methodologies.
  4. Database and domain expertise. To cultivate an extensive database and domain expertise, enriching our understanding of athlete preparation and performance.
  5. Data interpretation excellence. To excel in data interpretation, transforming measured data points into actionable insights for refined athlete preparation.
  6. Penetration across various sports. To expand our reach beyond current domains, penetrating other areas of sports, both in amateur and professional training.
  7. Market expansion. To penetrate new markets, opening avenues for ISS to reach a broader audience and make a lasting impact.
  8. Global adoption and enhancement. To achieve widespread adoption and contribute to the enhancement of athlete preparation practices worldwide.

Foundational assurance for future success

At the core of Innovative Sport Science (ISS) lies a set of foundational elements that solidify its standing as a premier choice for sports innovation. These pillars, deeply rooted in our commitment to excellence, are the cornerstones that distinguish ISS as a leading solution provider:

Strategic partnership with HDTS: a decade of sport development

Our success is underpinned by a strategic partnership with HDTS (Hockey Development Training System), a global leader in individual athlete preparation, particularly within hockey. With a distinguished history spanning over 13 years, HDTS has dedicated itself to advancing individual player development. Operating in 20 countries across three continents, HDTS has established working processes and hockey centers, cementing its reputation as a global force in athlete development.

Integration with beeSPORT ecosystem: modularity and innovation

ISS seamlessly integrates with the beeSPORT ecosystem, a modular system designed to amplify athlete performance. This ecosystem not only features its components for testing and training athletes but also embraces third-party solutions. The beeSPORT system, known for its adaptability and inclusivity, serves as a testament to ISS's commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Global impact across sports: a transformative vision

ISS's potential transcends the realm of hockey, offering innovative software solutions with global impact. Our unique advantage lies in disseminating these solutions not only through existing hockey centers and HDTS products but also through collaborations with sports federations, professional clubs, sports schools, and even fitness centers worldwide. ISS is poised to redefine the global sports landscape with its forward-looking approach and transformative software solutions.

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